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‘Tery Chalet’, 2015 m a.s.l.

(‘TAY-ree-ho KHA-ta’)

Sitting in the upper Mala Studena dolina, near the five Spis tarns, this chalet is about a two-hour hike from Zbojnicka chata in the direction of Priecne sedlo. Designed and built in 1899 by Gedeon Majunke, it was named for Dr. Edmund Tery, a mountain-climber who initiated the project and was one of the first recorded hikers in several of the nearby trails. It was last modernized from 1984 to 1986, and is open year round.

Contact address:
Teryho chata, Stary Smokovec, P.O.Box 6, 06 201
tel.: +421/(0)52/4425 245