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    Civil Association

    Save the Tatra chamois

    Civil Association for the saving of the Tatra chamois was established in 1999. It's struggle is to connect scientists, college and high school teachers, volunteers and professionals in the field of nature conservation, members of state and public administration, business and bank sphere and all people who care of the situation about the critically decreasing population of the autochtonous species of the Tatra nature, of the endemit, Tatra chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica Bl., 1971).

    Kamzík vrchovskı The association aims to cooperate at examination of the reasons for the contemporary scary decline of chamois and at planning of methods and conditions concerning the saving of the last Tatra chamois individuals. Civil assotiation with its activities aims also the very realization of the projects.

    Program of the association has following stages:

    • Re-collection of available primer materials concerning the aim of the activity.
    • Continuous monitor of the population and factors which affect the activity.
    • Joining of the prominent experts and practical performers of the project concerning the saving and care for the Tatra chamois.
    • Building of a multisource financing system of the project and its realization.
    • Updating of information concerning the saving of the Tatra chamois and composing the project together with active protection and care for the species.
    • Realization of the project and evaluation of the efficiency of the measures taken.
    Chair of Civil Assotiation "Save the Tatra chamois"

    Address: Redakcia TD
    Mestsky urad Vysoke Tatry

    tel.: +421/52/4422960 fax: +421/52/4422429
    TD e-mail:
    account number: 1396414051/0200 VÚB - affiliated branche Stary Smokovec
    Registrated under Nr. VVS/1-900/90-16449

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