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founded in 1872, 1335 meters above sea level

This is the highest settlement in Vysoke Tatry (the High Tatras), originally formed around an almost 20 hectare lake, the second largest on the Slovak side of the High Tatras.

Strbske Pleso Strbske Pleso was founded as a hiking centre, and later new curative houses, recreation facilities and a top sport complex were built. It is excellently connected to transportation links, and serves as a good starting point for a host of hiking excursions and day-trips in the mountains. Throughout the year the town has a busy cultural life, and is also a well-known skiing center. Since it hosted the 1970 World Championship, a range of competitive European and world-class skiing events has been held here, including ski-jumping and cross-country events.

From Strbske Pleso, hikers can head for the Mengusovska dolina (valley), the mountain hotel at Popradske pleso (tarn) and its neighbor the Symbolic Cemetery.

Hotels in Strbske Pleso