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Tatranska Lomnica


founded in 1892, 850 meters above sea level

The largest of all Tatra settlements Tatranska Lomnica contains several functions. It is a real centre of tourist activity, offering ski slopes in nearby Skalnate Pleso (tarn), good transportation connections, accommodation which ranges from camping sites to luxurious hotels such as Grandhotel Praha, and the Museum of the National Park and the botanical gardens of the Park's Nature Exposition. It is also the seat of the administration of the Tatra's National Park.

Visitors can enjoy their spare time in casinos, fitness centres, swimming pools or at cultural and entertainment facilities. In the community you will also find shops, services and vacation homes. Picnic meadows, sporting facilities, and a horse racing track are also in the vicinity, and mountaintops and other hiking attractions can be reached on foot or by cablecar. In the winter, toboggan runs and other winter sports round out the activities.

Accommodation in Tatranska Lomnica:

  • Grandhotel Praha ***
  • Attic room (2-4 persons)
  • Villa Lomnicka (5+2 persons)
  • Villa Lomnicka (6+2 persons)
  • Family house (20 persons)