We are here all the time, but you don´t always see us. Sometimes we hide from the sun, sometimes from the wind ... Close your eyes for a while and listen.

Little rocks are falling, light breeze drowns the sounds coming from the opposite slope. Silence has set in. A „crock-crock“ sound echoes from far – for sure that´s a raven ... silence, only rustling grass. I can´t take it anymore and I quickly open my eyes. There is something in front of me, a brown stain on the rocky ridge, it even has something on its head.  Ah, those are horns! I´m glad, I found him. The carefree grazing chamois now looking above, but what is there? More chamois! A sharp whistle cuts the air suddenly. And one more. I´m surprised, but I already know where did it come from. At the edge of the green meadow a small creature flashes among the stones – a shrill whistling marmot diligently gathering food and his two playfull cubs. Don´t come closer, it disturbs us, even if you look from the hiking trail we are beautiful. And if you are percipient, you can find us. Thank you!

How long does a marmot sleep in the winter - hibernates? Find the answer using the QR code?