The First Roháčske tarn                            The Fourth Roháčske tarn

The alpine newt (Triturus alpestris), The carpathian newt (Triturus montandoni), The thin-legged wolf spider (Pardosa nigra), The european common lizard (Lacerta vivipara), The common european viper (Vipera berus)

Tarns are an illustrative example of glaciers activity, which significantly contributed to shaping of the Tatras. They were created in excavated cauldrons only after the melting of the glacier. Out of the four Roháčske tarns, the first one is the largest covering an area of 2,22 ha. The fourth is the deepest with a depth of 8,10 m. The Second Roháčske tarn is the richest local site for the occurence of newts. In its shallows the carpathian newt lives. However, the alpine newt is more numerous, which also inhabits the deeper waters of The Fourth Roháčské tarn. You can spot the warty toad, the common frog, the common lizard and the northern viper here as well. In sunny places covered with low vegetation the thin-legged wolf spider occurs, which is interesting because of ... you can find the answer using the QR code.